Training Events

Main Training Events & Conferences (*specialised courses (SC))Lead Institution**Months
1TE-Summer School: Specialized Scientific Training Course 1 (SC1): “Mechanisms and processes involved in the crops uptake”Nireas-IWRC, UCY, Spain, 10 daysJune 2016
2TE-A: Statistics and models for environmental data (SC2); Molecular risk characterisation (SC3); Study visit to AVBS (fields, treatment plants and systems); Writing and publishing research Joint event by TUD, KIT
Germany, 5 days
September 2016
3TE-B: Sample preparation and effect-based monitoring in water quality assessment (SC4) BDS, Netherlands, 2 days December 2016
4TE-C: Microcontaminants in the aquatic water cycle – wastewater reuse – the Cypriot/Israeli experience; Diversity/distribution of soil bacteria (SC5); Preparation of research proposals and project management; Entrepreneurship/commercial exploitation of research results; Introduction to patent law; Training in live-media competence Joint event by Nireas-IWRC, UCY, ARO, HUJI
Israel, 6 days
March 2017
5TE-D: Wastewater microbiota and the effects of treatment processes (SC6); Fostering entrepreneurship - from business models to clients Joint event, Adventech, UCP, Portugal, 3 days June 2017
6TE-E: Wastewater treatment by advanced technologies and risk assessment framework (SC7); First ANSWER Workshop ‘Risk prognosis of environmental and public health aspects of A&ARB&ARGs’. TE-E (1 day) will be organised back-to-back with the First ANSWER Workshop (2 days), hosted by UNISA Joint event by UNISA, ISS
Italy, 3 days
September 2017
7TE-F: Practical exercise on computer tools for identification and structure elucidation of antibiotics, their metabolites and transformation products (TPs) (SC8); European and international water policies and frameworks Joint event by EI, HighChem, Slovak Republic, 4 daysJanuary 2018
8TE-G: Microbiology in wastewater treatment; Design criteria for wastewater treatment plants; Horizontal resistance gene transfer in soil (SC9); Moderation of project meetings; Gender balance in the research and science arena and multicultural awareness Joint event by TU-Wien, AGES, WABAG Austria, 5 days April 2018
9TE-H: Environmental/human health risk assessment of A (SC10); Working in academia-policy-business & how to secure a good job; Second ANSWER Workshop ‘Modelling and risk assessment tools towards sustainable wastewater reuse’; TE-H (1.5 day) will be organised back-to-back with the Second ANSWER Workshop (2 days), hosted by KWRKWR, Netherlands, 3.5 days June 2018